Alida Nugent, You Don’t Have to Like Me Review


Title: You Don’t Have To Like Me: Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding Feminism

Author: Alida Nugent

Genre: Nonfiction

Synopsis: “Feminist” is not a four-letter word, but Alida Nugent resisted it for a long time. She feared the “scarlet F” being thrust upon her for refusing to laugh at misogynistic jokes at parties; she withered under the judgmental gaze of store clerks when buying Plan B, and she swore that she was “not like other girls.” But eventually, like so many of us, she discovered that feminism is an empowering identity to take on. It’s okay to criticize beauty standards but still love dark lipstick, investing in female friendships is the most rewarding thing ever, and no one should feel pressured to eat an “unseasoned chicken breast the size of a deck of playing cards” as every sad dinner for the rest of eternity.
With sincerity, intelligence, and wit, Nugent invites readers in to her most private moments of personal growth. From struggling with an eating disorder for most of her teen years to embracing all aspects of her biracial identity, she tackles tough topics with honest vulnerability. Smartly-written, unapologetic, and laugh-out-loud funny, You Don’t Have to Like Me is perfect for readers of Roxane Gay, Rebecca Skolnit, and Sloane Crosley. (Source: Barnes & Noble)

I was only two pages into, You Don’t Have To Like Me, and I already knew I was going to love this book.

Alida Nugent writes a group of smart, funny essays about growing up and her journey to find feminism. You Don’t Have to Like me spoke on a variety of women’s issues such as safety, the pressures of  dieting, sex education, and feminism as a whole.

I wish I would I would have had this book in high school when I thought feminist were some radical group that went around burning bras and yelling at men for existing. Nugent’s book broke feminism down in a way that was easy to understand, and proves that anyone can be a feminist. You don’t have to hate men to be a feminist, you don’t have to hate Kim Kardashian to be a feminist, you don’t have to get an abortion to be a feminist, you can shave your entire body and still be a feminist. All you have to do is believe that women and men should be treated equally, and let women make their own decisions about their bodies and their lives.

It’s important to have books like this, because there are still so many people that are confused on what feminism is or are too scared to admit that they are a feminist because of the backlash they may receive. Being a feminist isn’t a bad thing, it’s a great thing. Wanting women to feel safe, and confident, and make equal pay, is a great thing.

I want to give a copy of this book to every person that I come in contact with that rolls their eyes when feminism or Women’s Marches are brought up. It’s a light entertaining read, and I highly recommend it. I’m excited to check out Alida Nugent’s first book Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse.

My next review will be Phoebe Robinson’s, You Can’t Touch My Hair, and after that I will be back to reading fiction for a little while.

Until Next Time,

Jay Reads


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