How I Stay Motivated


With the school year coming to an end and finals being right around the corner, I know how hard it is to stay motivated when all you can think about is summer vacation. But I have made a list of things that keep me motivated and productive. Even if you’re not in school. I hope that these tips can help you become more motivated and productive as well.

Creating a Vision Board- At the beginning of every school year, I create a vision board with images of things that I want to have/ accomplish. I separate the images by short term and long term goals.  Whether there fitness goals, educational goals, or financial goals; I put them all on the board. When I can see my goals I feel like they are easier to achieve.

Keeping a Planner- I find the more organized I am the more motivated I am to get up and get my work done. When I create a to-do list for the day, I’m not satisfied until I check off every task. This helps me stay productive and organized

Daily Affirmations- When I was young my mom taught me that what you put out is what you get back. With that she would encourage me to say daily affirmations. Now that I’m older I try to incorporate this into my nightly routine, so before I go to sleep I say “I am rich in in opportunities, love, and friendships. I am a successful writer/author. I am financially stable and able to support myself. I am a homeowner.” This helps me stay motivated and focused on my long term goals.

Listening to Uplifting Music- Whenever I’m working or I just need a little extra motivation, I like to listen to uplifting music. Uplifting can be whatever gets you the most fired up for me it’s Beyoncé and recently I’ve been listening to the girl group, Little Mix. My music choice depends on how I’m feeling but I strongly suggest this whenever you feel down or unmotivated. Also check out, , for some cool playlists.

Having a Clean Work Space- One of my biggest pet peeves is having a dirty work space. Not only is it hard for me to be productive when my desk is a mess, but since my desk is in my room it’s hard for me to wind down.

Try Changing Workspaces- I prefer to do my work at places like Barnes and Noble or the library, because when I try to do my work at home I get distracted. I love working in places like the library and Barnes and Noble, because it’s quiet and no one bothers me. I can be there for a few hours and get all of my work done.


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